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What we do

Abbey Consulting works with clients in both the private and public sectors.

We can help you by:

Developing a bespoke risk management approach to suit your organisational culture and structures
Appraising your current risk management practices to improve risk identification, assessment, response, monitoring and reporting
Facilitating risk workshops to identify threats and opportunities to the achievement of business objectives, stakeholder expectations and reputation
Devising strategies to further embed risk management thinking and behaviours throughout your business by winning hearts and minds and by building on existing ways of working
Recommending modifications to your existing risk management system which will enable you to capture and leverage opportunities in addition to curbing threats – as well as allowing you to turn threats to competitive advantage
Raising risk awareness through tailored in-house training and workshops
Advising on maintaining momentum and refreshing your risk profile – when initial enthusiasm for risk management has waned!
Working with your internal audit function to enable it to make a more focused and value-adding contribution to business risk assurance
Showing how better risk reporting – both internally and to external stakeholders – can help demonstrate transparency and accountability, build trust and boost reputation

Client organisations have included:

Private sector companies operating in the financial services, manufacturing, and construction sectors.
Central government departments and agencies
Local authorities
A financial services regulator
A communications company specialising in corporate reporting

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